What to do

All applicants must complete a referral form.

There is an agency referral form or for self referrals a form can be completed at an assessment point, where staff will be available to assist you.  Assessment Points for each day will be displayed via this website

Agency Referrals forms can be sent direct to the MainStay Team or directly to the nearest appropriate assessment point. Please see referring to mainstay for further details.


Email completed forms to the MainStay team or Fax 0151 236 7015. 

Or forward your form to the relevant assessment point. 

If you need more support or require the referral form in an alternative format please contact the MainStay team or Tel. 0151 600 3547


Housing Options If you are part of a larger family, needing homeless prevention services or feel that you need to be assessed as statutory homeless then you can contact the Housing Options Service for more information by calling into any One Stop Shop, or by phoning Careline on 0151 233 3800 (Freephone 0800 731 6844).

For more information about housing options please check the website.