FAQs for Applicants




How will MainStay find me appropriate accommodation?

Using the information you give during the assessment the MainStay system will match your needs to the most appropriate accommodation.  You will then be prioritised for a vacancy depending on your housing need.




How long will an assessment take?

The guidance time for an assessment is approximately 1hr 30 mins.




Will I still have to have an interview when I arrive for a bed at an accommodation provider?

No, this assessment will provide enough information for a service to accommodate you.




What happens if I need help with any forms and during the assessment?

Assessors are there to support you throughout your referral & assessment, if you require additional support please let staff know when you arrive at an assessment point.




How do I know where the nearest assessment points are each day?

Assessment points our listed on our website.




Do I have a choice of where I am accommodated?

The answers given by yourself will help the system determine the best services for your needs. Often services will be considered equally suitable and you can then use our directory of MainStay services and assistance from the assessor to decide which service you would like to go to. The amount of referrals that can be made on your behalf will be determined by your housing need. The assessor can also pass over the top match if there is a specific reason why you cannot be accommodated at a service.




Can I challenge a decision?

Yes if you do not agree with a service's decision then you can contact them directly and they will advise you of their appeals procedure.




What happens if I have no accommodation tonight?

You should firstly get assessed for accommodation as you will be classed as high priority If you have nowhere to stay that night.  If your assessor then informs you that there are currently no suitable vacancies, your details will be passed on to the Hub service and if eligible you may have the opportunity to access various services until a bed becomes available.



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