Short-Term Supported Accommodation

If you are faced with homelessness and require short-term accommodation with support.

This website will provide information on how to be assessed for short-term housing related support services within the region of Liverpool City Council.

Housing related support services can help people who have support needs to develop their skills and confidence so they can live independently.


The MainStay Providers

Single Homeless Services - Salvation Army Ann Fowlers, Darbyshire House, Men’s Centre Green Lane, Women’s Centre Geneva Road, Chapter1 Mildmay, Liverpool YMCA Leeds Street, Ullet & Lister Road, Riverside Shaw Street

Dispersed Accommodation - Riverside, Nugent Care, Liverpool YMCA

Young People - Local Solutions Homeground, Supported Lodgings, Plus Dane Anne Conway House, Great Places Rodney Street, Riverside Powerhouse, NACRO The Elms.

Substance Misuse - New Start Harmony Project, Park View, The Big Life Group Harvey Project.

If you are interested in being accommodated by a MainStay provider, please see further details regarding referrals and Assessment Points.

The Benefits to MainStay

  • No duplicate interviews, paperwork and assessments.
  • You will benefit from shared support with services
  • Those who are most in need will be prioritised for accommodation first.
  • Assessment Points will be available 24hours a day at numerous locations within the city.
  • You will be matched via the system to the most appropriate service for your needs.