Trainingpic Training News 28 May 2013

MainStay user training started in February 2013, all users have attended two days of training.

Staff members who are involved in accommodation management and decision making have the option of attending a Session 3- Super User training session.

We have also delivered a separate Mangers training session.


The training was delivered to suit a mixture of learning styles, with activities in pairs, team work, PowerPoint, demos and practice sessions.

During sessions staff received training resources, Guidance Manuals, and a Service Knowledge Manual.

Sessions were delivered at a number of locations; the Basement, Liverpool YMCA, Great Places & Powerhouse.  MainStay would like to thank these services for providing the training rooms for these sessions.

Attendance so far...

210 users have attended session 1

189 users have attended session 2

9 users have attended super users (sessions ongoing)

30 users have attended Managers training


The training feedback and evaluation so far has been extremely positive:

Trainees were asked to score how well each training sessions met its aims.

1-5 (1=A little and 5=Extremely Well)

Session 1 scored an average of 4.5

Session 2 scored an average of 4.5


Trainees also had the opportunity to provide any suggestions and comments.

The comments are very positive and most staff found the sessions useful and enjoyable.   

Comments included:

“Very good sessions really informative and useful”

“I have really enjoyed it and looking forward to starting using the system”

“Enjoyable course, well presented by facilitator”

 “Informative and helpful gave me more confidence about when the system goes live”


Other Feedback-Staff had asked about an opportunity to play around with the system prior to go-live/ or access a test site.  We unfortunately do not have a test site but following this feedback organised a number of training and testing opportunities for staff to access the system.


We hope that everyone had found the sessions valuable, if you have any further feedback regarding training or would like to attend one of our future training sessions.  Please email the MainStay team on