Mainstaynews Mainstay Consultation & Development 20 May 2013

MainStay wanted to be sure that we would develop a system that would suit all services involved, so from the early stages we began an extensive and thorough period of consultation, this involved individual meetings with all services and the creation of a MainStay Development Group.  Smaller Sub groups were also created to allow members to look at particular areas of the development in greater detail.  As a result of this phase a common assessment and related matching facility have been created.  Following this a series of process and procedures allowing all services to contribute to conducting assessments and ensuring that persons could be quickly prioritised and accommodated with reference to their housing need. 

The results of these meetings had then allowed the MainStay team to produce a Final IT Specification that was delivered to the selected software providers CAPITA at the end of October 2012.  This outlined the Assessment, Matching and Processes created during the first development phase. And following a period of configuration and testing the system was ready to Go-Live. We believe that with the contribution of other services involved we have created a system that is efficient and will help people find appropriate supported accommodation within the region of Liverpool City Council.  Following go-live Development groups will continue to meet so that the MainStay team can collate feedback from services to help inform further development and improvements to the system.