What happens if an applicant turns up for an assessment and they require an interpreter?

If the referral comes via the MainStay team we will try to provide advance notice of any language needs prior to the applicant arriving at your assessment point.   However, if the applicant is referred or self presents at your assessment you may need to put support in place; services may have their own procedure however, we have provided some useful information in the guidance manual see – client needs an interpreter.





If clients' names are spelt wrong on the system will it create a duplicate client?

We recommend that prior to adding a new client, assessors should use the search facilities available to prevent duplication of client records, for example the quick search allows assessors to search on a clients surname and will bring up similar spellings using fuzzy logic.  Assessors are able to check the details of any clients resulting from quick search. However, it's important that the assessor spells the surname correctly and also checks under previous surnames.





Will the service user still have to have an assessment at a service when they arrive for a bed?

No, this assessment will provide enough information for a service to accommodate the client. That service can then complete their induction procedures.





Is there a paper application form available?

Although, the referral form can be completed as a paper form the details will be inputted on to the IT system and all assessments will also be inputted onto this system. There is a paper copy of the assessment available which is only to be used if you cannot access the system. This would still need to be inputted on to the system later.





Can a service user challenge a decision?

If a service user is not happy with a referral decision then we would advise the client to contact the relevant service and they would need to go through the service's own appeals procedure.





What happens if someone refuses a service?

Within the amount of choices allowed per housing status, clients can choose to be referred to all or some of those accommodation providers.  Further information is available in the guidance manual under picking matches.  However, if a service user refuses all the allowed referrals assessors should contact the MainStay team for further guidance. 





If it wasn’t your day to do assessments and someone turns up at your service what do you do?

Use the website to find the nearest and most appropriate assessment point open that day.





What happens if we are a male service and a female turns up for an assessment and vice versa?

Referrals via the MainStay team will always be sent to the most appropriate assessment point and the website will also provide this information.  However, you may find a variety of applicants self present at various points, this should be risk assessed on an individual basis.





What happens if we haven't received additional information on a client?

If assessors are struggling to get background information within the assessment timeframes, attempts should be logged and assessments completed, some background information may continue to be chased up by accommodation providers. If the assessor receives information after referral they will still update the assessment and let the services who have received the referral know. If the person has been placed they will inform the client's case owner.





What if the applicant has no accommodation tonight?

If you assess someone who has nowhere to stay that night and by 3pm they have not been accommodated, the names of these persons should be passed to the MainStay team via a system handover.  There is further information on this in the guidance manual under Rough Sleeper Handover, including what to do if someone present after this time.





Who can I contact for help or regarding faults?

For problems and advice regarding system processes please contact the MainStay team on or between 9-5pm Mon-Fri on 0151 600 3547





What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

Once you have entered an incorrect password 3 times the system will email you a link to set up a new password.  You must use this link to access the system within 15 minutes.  If you do not access the link within this time you will be completely locked out and must contact the MainStay Team.  If you enter the incorrect password more than three times you will also be locked out and will need to contact the MainStay Team.  Please contact the MainStay Team on or between 9-5pm Mon-Fri on 0151 600 3547.  If it is out of hours and you need access to the system your service will have an Admin profile which can be used until your own log in is unlocked.






What happens if your service loses internet connection?

Your service should have a secondary internet connection in place.  However, if you do have no access to the system you may contact your nearest assessment point for support.  In emergencies a hardcopy of the assessment form can be used and later inputted onto the MainStay system. You can find hardcopies of the assessment form on the downloads page.



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