Assessment points

Assessment points are available all across the city

MainStay providers will be working in partnership to provide assessment points 24/7 across the region of Liverpool; this will ensure that people who require supported accommodation have improved access to our services and our matched to the most appropriate accommodation.

The following services are involved in assessments;

  • Ann Fowler House 9-8pm, Green Lane 24hr, Geneva Road 24hr (females only), YMCA Leeds St 24hr, Mildmay House 24hr, YMCA Lister 9-8pm
  • Anne Conway House 9-5, Andrew House 9-5, Homeground 9-5, Powerhouse Foyer 9-5, Shaw Street Project 9-5, The Elms 9-5

    (For 9-5 assessment points, applicants should arrive no later than 4pm.)

  • The Whitechapel Centre, 8-9pm Mon-Fri, Sat-Sun 8-5pm

Please see further details regarding assessment locations and times under Maps.


Handover of Assessments