Assessment points

Assessment points are available all across the city

MainStay providers will be working in partnership to provide assessment points 24/7 across the region of Liverpool; this will ensure that people who require supported accommodation have improved access to our services and our matched to the most appropriate accommodation.

The following services are involved in assessments;

  • Ann Fowler House 9-8pm, Men's Centre Green Lane 24hr, Women’s Centre Geneva Road 24hr (females only), YMCA Leeds St 24hr, YMCA Lister 9-8pm, Mildmay House 24hr
  • Anne Conway House 9-5, Homeground 9-5, Powerhouse Foyer 9-5, Shaw Street Project 9-5, The Elms 9-5

    (For 9-5 assessment points, applicants should arrive no later than 4pm.)

  • The Whitechapel Centre, 8-9pm Mon-Fri, Sat-Sun 8-5pm

Please see further details regarding assessment locations and times under Maps.


Handover of Assessments

Each 9-5 service has been partnered with a 24hr service so they can handover any open clients that have not been accommodated. Once handed over to a 24hr service a client’s case will remain with that service until accommodated.

Your handover organisation will always be the same.

  • When one organisation’s agreed assessment hours have finished and they still have open clients (those who have been assessed but not accommodated) they will then contact the agreed organisation and transfer the case to an available assessor. 
  • The applicant must always be informed that their application has been transferred and will have been informed of the exact process that may take place in advance.