Gateway to Housing & Support was created to provide improved access to short-term Housing Related Support services for single persons (and couples in some circumstances) within the region of Liverpool City Council. 

The main benefit is one comprehensive assessment for access to all services linked via an IT System. 


The Main Aims of MainStay

Prevention of homelessness

Reduction of repeat homelessness

Reduction of evictions and abandonments

The Benefits

  • Avoids multiple assessments for service users and accommodation providers.

  • All services will share information and have access to client records meaning that information about persons is up to date and accurate.

  • Persons will be prioritised for available vacancies by housing status meaning accommodation is offered to those in priority need first.

  • Assessment Points will be available 24hours a day at numerous locations within the city.

  • Applicants can be matched via the system to the most appropriate service for their needs reducing the amount of evictions and abandonments due to inappropriate placements.

  • Decisions will be based on agreed timeframes with accommodation providers meaning that applicants and assessing organisations will receive the outcome of decisions quickly.

  • Multiple referrals can be made meaning that assessing services can quickly receive decisions from a number of different accommodation providers within a short timeframe.

  • Establishing effective pathways through services for particular types of applicants with a particular focus on those hardest to accommodate.

Who is Included

Housing Options Service, The Whitechapel Centre, Shelter

Tier 1 Services with 24hr Support - Chapter 1 Mildmay, Nacro The Elms, New Start Prospect Lodge, NWPC Andrew House, NWPC Orrell Lane, Plus Dane Anne Conway House, Riverside Green Lane, Riverside Geneva Road, Salvation Army Ann Fowlers, Salvation Army Darbyshire House, YMCA Liverpool Leeds Street, YMCA Liverpool Ullet & Lister Road

Tier 1 Services with 9-5 Support - New Start, Nugent, Riverside, YMCA Liverpool 

Tier 1 and 2 Services for persons 16-21 - Local Solutions Homeground,  Riverside Powerhouse, Riverside Shaw Street

Tier 2 High Risk and Needs ServicesChapter 1 Mildmay, New Start Belmont Drive, NWPC Orrell Lane

Tier 2 High Risk and Needs Services for persons with an Offending background - Nacro & NWPC

Tier 3 Complex Needs Services including a complex need service for persons needing personal care - New Start, NWPC, Plus Dane, YMCA Liverpool

Substance Misuse - Riverside Park View